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Choose from a wide range of free, expert-led seminars:Intel® Parallel StudioParallelism Technical SessionsMobile Internet Devices (MIDs)High Performance Computing (HPC) (On-Demand)You must be registered to view these events. Intel® Parallel Studio WebinarsThe spring series features expertise and technical sessions on Intel® Parallel Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio* C/C++ developers. Learn how to bring threading to robust Windows* applications and get more from multicore platforms. Select the webinars you would like to attend and then click the register link at the right. You must be registered to attend. Bookmark this page to see the latest abstracts and webinar information. On-DemandThe Key to Scaling Applications for Multicore Whether an application is serial, partially parallel, or fully parallel it can get significant benefit from parallelism. New Intel® Parallel Studio tools provide Windows* developers with the keys to get the most out of parallelism. Gain an in-depth understanding of when, where, and how much to use parallelism to achieve optimal results. Microsoft* Visual Studio C/C++ developers will learn how to identify and safely design applications that can scale with increasing processor core counts. Recommended companion technical webinar: Identify and Address Threading Opportunities.Speakers: Paul Petersen, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation and Mark Davis, Senior Principal Engineer, Performance, Analysis, and Threading Lab, Intel® Software Development ProductsPaul is based in Champaign, IL, having joined Intel through the acquisition of Kuck and Associates, Inc (KAI) in 2000. He has been active in the field of languages and tools for parallel computing. Paul was a major contributor to the creation of the OpenMP* specification (, along with tools for the analysis of threaded applications including Assure, Assur